WEBINAR VIDEO and RECAP – 3D Digital Transformation in 2018

3D Digital Transformation in 2018: What’s New, Exciting, and Next?

Hosted by Liam Mathias, PI Apparel

Presented by Sandy Gagnon, Target Corp.


Webcast summary by Megan Chorpenning and Sarah Pierson, Kalypso


The 3D Retail Coalition (3D.RC)’s March 2018 webinar featured an in-depth recap of the PI Apparel LA event held in February as well as a sneak peak at what’s to come in 2018.

PI Apparel – LA: Conference Themes & Highlights

There were four main themes coming out of the PI Apparel LA event: Digital Disruption, Continued Prevalence of 3D Technologies, Industry Collaboration, and Sustainability. Sandra Gagnon, Director of 3D Virtual Transformation at Target, covered detailed topics for each of the themes.


Digital Disruption

Stacey Shulman from Intel highlighted how technology is shaping the future, but also helping retailers understand consumer expectations for what’s possible. Consumers want faster and easier experiences, so retailers must be prepared to compete in an increasingly digital world.

Human Solutions and OnPoint Manufacturing showed how personalized design and customization are becoming scalable to satisfy customers of the future.


Ed Gribbin from Alvanon discussed how traditional ways to develop apparel products have become obsolete. To remain competitive, retailers must explore ways to take advantage of data, embrace new business models, explore on-demand apparel products, adopt digital product creation, and manufacture where you sell.


Continued Prevalence of 3D Technologies

Stephanie Kleinjan from Socialite Clothing shared her belief that 3D is a mindset, not just plug-and-play software. Those who choose to adopt it in their business must establish goals and be strategic to ensure continued success.


Lectra discussed how digital and 3D tools can connect design and development to enable a collaborative, efficient process.


Safir Bellali from Vans presented the platform they have created giving customers the ability to design fully customized shoes. (Showcased in his 3DRC webinar – 3D Digital Product Creation in Retail).


Industry Collaboration

Individuals from across the industry, including Deckers, IEEE, and Target, recognized the need for retailers to partner together to drive digital transformation. The focus was primarily on materials and footwear, but there is the opportunity for shared libraries and standards to move into apparel. Efficiency in product development processes and tools is a universal goal; industry collaboration on standards and system inter-operability will facilitate users working in various systems more seamlessly and efficiently.



Melissa Fifield and Chris Moses from GAP expressed that sustainability is no longer an add-on, it is taking hold at the beginning of the product development process. Design dictates 80% of the environmental impact of a product. Visibility into the sustainability impact of design decisions is critical in mindful product development. Sustainability efforts at GAP include the use of sustainable and recycled fibers, wet processing, and digital printing.


Lucy Dunne from University of Minnesota shared how machine learning can help customers make more sustainable decisions when pairing outfits from their own wardrobe.

3D.RC Update

The 3D.RC is a collaborative group formed from retailers and brands working together to advance 3D technology in the industry. Efforts over the past one and a half years have resulted in the creation of a Board of Directors, a Steering Committee, and three Sub-Committees to carry out objectives and launch innovation and creativity. In addition to these groups and general membership, the 3D.RC collaborates with academic colleges and universities, social impact non-profits, standards groups, software and hardware suppliers, retail focused organizations, and other consortiums.


The three Sub-Committees, focused on Technology, Innovation, and Education, were introduced and details of their main priorities for 2018 were reviewed.


Technology Sub-Committee

Co-Chairs: Sean Lane and Tim Devlin of Columbia Sportswear

2018 Focus: Standardization in 3D

2018 Priorities: Driving the standardization of 3D body processing using scanners, standardization of scanned avatars and parametric reshaping, and standardization of meta-data & file types for system interoperability.


Innovation Sub-Committee

Chair: Abinash Sahoo of Li & Fung Ltd

2018 Focus: Digital Fabric

2018 Priorities: Establish a clear understanding of fabric materials & behavior, document expectations of fabric behavior among brands, 3D simulation companies, fabric mills/labs & standards companies, understand expectations from end consumers about digital fabric, establishing a recommendation for a global digital fabric standard


Education Sub-Committee

Chair: Jami Dunbar of Under Armour

2018 Focus: Preparing a 3D Workforce

2018 Priorities: Alignment on needs to prepare the workforce for 3D technologies for apparel & footwear design and development, 3D technologies for apparel & footwear production and manufacture, the future of 3D technologies with fashion & retail studies


Members of the 3D.RC are welcome to join the Sub-Committees and help to further digital transformation efforts that will benefit the industry. Contact the Sub-Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs for more information.

2018 Calendar

PI – Hong Kong: April 10-11

PI – New York: June 19-20

PI – Milan: October 11-12

3D.RC Webinars: May, August, and November

Sub-Committee Meetings: monthly virtual meetings, bi-annual in-person meetings (organized around PI events)


If you’re interested in becoming a member of the 3D.RC visit http://3drc.pi.tv/ to register.







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