WEBINAR VIDEO | The Van de Velde Avatar Studio. Developing Custom Avatars for Realistic 3D Bra Fitting

When Van de Velde started their 3D journey in product design, they soon noticed that the avatars within the technology were not good enough for bras as they failed to accurately represent the true shape and fit of their consumers and products. Wanting to re-create the realistic fit of their wide range of sizes and style effects in a digital environment, they knew they would have to create their own custom avatars. And so that is what they set out to do.

In this session, the Van de Velde team as they share:

The limitations of existing 3D modelling technology for accurate digital fit and shape
Capturing accurate body shapes with 3D scanning
Reflecting the realistic model shape within a 3D avatar
How to personalize avatar looks, shapes and effects, using an automated process 
Combining avatars and 3D product assets in the business process
Next step to a standardized 3D visualization process: adopting the glTF file format






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