Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


The Coalition is meant to be a safe space where Members can contribute, learn and share. Members are expected to never share nor post the inner workings, thoughts or words of any other contributing Member without the consent of that Member and, where necessary, the Board of Directors.


In its current form, there is no fee or cost associated with being a Member. However, for the purpose of any physical meeting or event that is organized, it is expected that Members will cover their own expenses and may indeed be asked for some form of fee if needed to cover costs. Members will be given ample warning for their informed decision on whether or not to take part of events involving a fee.


As a Coalition of industry peers, it is expected that you treat all and any Coalition dealing or exposure, whether internal or external, with the utmost respect.

Share and Contribute

Whilst not expected or mandatory, the Board of Directors encourages active feedback and involvement by the Members in shaping the Coalition and its future content.


Committees are an integral part of moving the work of the 3D.RC forward. They will be formed to drive process and outcomes against Coalition goals and will be led (or co-led) by a Steering Committee Member. All Members are strongly encouraged to actively participate in at least one committee.


All Members of the 3D.RC Steering Committee will operate in full compliance with antitrust and competition laws of the United States, the European Union, and other applicable jurisdictions. In adherence to this principle, the companies acknowledge and agree that in any meetings or other discussions between or among Members of the group, the following subjects will not be discussed:

  • Current or future prices charged by a company
  • Current or future costs of products or services to a company
  • Price-related data or practices of individual companies, including but not limited to discounts, advertising terms, terms of payment or credit, marketing practices, sales practices, bids or bid practices, warranty terms, profitability or other profit-related information Individual company research and development plans, costs, budgets or timelines
  • Individual company production plans, costs, timelines, levels or quantities of production
  • Refusal to deal with any competitor, supplier or customer
  • Allocation of markets, territories or customers between or among the companies
  • Endorsements of individual companies, products or services