After intensive research and conversation, the 3DRC will focus on 3 key areas as outlined below:


Technology standardization will be needed to deliver the benefits of 3D at scale and lacking this, we will see a much slower digital transformation of the retail & apparel industry.

This sub-committee envisions standards that will accelerate new product development throughout the entire value chain and an ability for industry to adopt 3D platforms and ways of working with confidence.


Columbia Sportswear
Columbia Sportswear

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Digital materials are the basis for great 3D apparel and footwear models but because of high variability in material properties and test methods, our industry is facing challenges in translating physical testing into the virtual world.

This sub-committee envisions highly transferable material libraries, a standardized open materials data platform and efficient, high quality, cost effective testing methods.


Li & Fung

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A technically savvy workforce is needed to drive the adoption of 3D technology forward and increasing 2D/3D competency will require targeted training, development & certification programs that educators, brands and retailers can benefit from.

This sub-committee envisions improved collaboration between educational institutions and solution developers; stronger and mutually beneficial partnerships between colleges/universities and brands/retailers; and educators and practitioners aligned on today’s 2D/3D skillsets and certification requirements.

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